Made with sadism to destroy your friendships

We didn’t mean to hurt you…

It shouldn’t end like that…

a Psychedelic love story…

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The Infamous Game

The Trip! it is a highly diseducational and un-politically correct game, therefore we do not recommend its use to minors and to easily impressionable people.

During an unscrupulous race you will have to defeat your opponents and find the best strategy to reach the finish line first.

Get ready to bluff and low blows, betray your best friends, and forsake any moral virtues you may be gifted with.
This is the infamous game!

– The most malicious game the history remembers –

Mahatma Gandhi
the trip box


ATTENTION! Although in this game alcohol and drugs are of fundamental help to victory, we remember that, in addition to being illegal, driving under the use of drugs is extremely dangerous for you and for others.

Some Stats…

Games Played

Fights Started


Friendships Ended

The trip impact on planet earth

To let you better understand, measure units are expressed in amount of CO2 produced by a fart 💨

*quantity may vary accordingly to the amount of beer and chips consumed during the game

the trip stats

As you can see we are not that evil… at least less evil than kitties!



None of us remembers exactly how the first idea of The Trip! was born. Probably we were too -ehm…- focused on our path to invent the best, most infamous, game ever.”


“The first idea was mine!”




– From an idea of Pizza and Polo –

How the game works

The trip is a rat-race based on recklessness, drugs and a lot of infamy.

To win, you must be the first to reach the 250km that separates you from the finish line.

You will be able to move on the board thanks to the vehicle cards and the booster cards.

Get special abilities by carrying passenger cards and increased speed by accumulating bonuses from doping cards.

But be careful! Overdosing will make you lose everything.
If your opponents are running too fast, whistle-blow them throwing a police roadblock or use an action card to chase them madly and put a spoke in the wheel.










game Box content

  • 1 play board
  • 6 + 6 pawns
  • 16 booster cards
  • 14 vehicle cards
  • 6 muletto cards
  • 16 passenger cards
  • 25 doping cards
  • 12 police roadblock cards
  • 42 action cards
  • 13 modifier cards
  • lifetime gratitude

Why choose The Trip!


A game based on alcohol and drugs! What more do you want?


Virtually infinite games thanks to the quantity of cards and the high interaction between players, infinite strategies, always different games!


Tested on more than 300 games with 100+ beta-tester players.

Soon on



“That’s g**king twisted!”

Charles Manson

“Intender non lo può chi non lo prova”

Dante Alighieri

“The most unbelievable game invented by 2 mr. nobody”

Chris Tosanto

Receiving such a review has always been our dream and our only goal since we started developing The Trip!…

That’s it, we did it only with the idea that sooner or later a review like this would come.

And in fact, we wrote them by ourselves, did you really think there was someone called Chris Tosanto???